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For Ease of use, each has it's own link.. thumbnails may show up later..Special thanks to Cathi and Fred for many of the scans!

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An Inspiration! The Tick!
My face squished against a scanner!
Yuletide at the 'Borgs 96.
My Pals at the 84 Diner! Scott, Doug and Danny
First Phish show... Me, Leisa and the van!
My Bro, Surfer in Hawaii
Dave and Cathi! (Sweet, aren't they?)
The Gang at the beach, Brian S's Farewell
RenFaire Doug!
Renfaire Lucy!
Wench & her Melons. :)
Buds at the Mud Show
My First VRML experiment! (Matchbook Cover)
Kevin  Kev, Again!


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