word of the day, and a reflection on my morning walkies. (Def 1), and my sweetheart, (def 2)

quagmire (KWAG-mire; KWAHG-), noun:
1. Soft, wet, miry land that shakes or yields under the feet.
2. A difficult or precarious position or situation; a predicament.

Quagmire is from quag, a dialectical variant of quake (from Old English cwacian) + mire, from Old Norse myrr, “a swamp.”

Lots of road construction out and about today, with piles of wet sand all over and splashy rain puddles to boot. although it was a little rough going, I enjoyed it and didn’t think of the roaming as a trudge, but more of a “rough terrain experience.” I’m glad I was wearing my beat-up birks… they needed to be rinsed off and left by the back doorstep due to all the mud and assorted yucka.

rara avis (RAR-uh AY-vis) noun, plural rarae aves (RAR-ee AY-veez)

A rare person or thing.

From Latin rara (rare) avis (bird).

I find myself thinking about my sweetheart all the time… I can hardly believe that we’ve known each other about a year now… it seems like just the other day we’d just fallen in love. I still catch my breath when I see her, and feel my heart skip a beat when her voice touches my ear. She really is all things beautiful to me… her soul, her mind, her heart, her body… they all are possessed of such wondrous and appealing properties that I can hardly express my emotion. I love her so much! Even when I go on walkies alone, she’s still with me, sharing the view, holding my hand, smiling and observing the world with me… she truly is a part of me. *happiness*

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