*ponder, whine whine*

I wonder if I should drop my land line, and just get a cablemodem and a cell phone. it looks like it might be less than my current setup is now, and much more handy. more research is needed.

I have a bellyache. I blame Fruit2O. I want my sweetheart to come pick me up from work, drive me home, and stroke my brow as I rest my head in her lap. My tummy doesn’t hurt that bad, really, but I’d still like to have that other stuff. [addendum: I also want a foot massage, which I will gladly reciprocate] I really love her to bits and pieces and fragments and atoms. *sending her a mental squeezie*

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If you’re looking for something interesting to do, there’s enough detailed information on the life, home and family of the last Tsar of Russia at The Alexander Palace Time Machine to keep you on a history bingefest for the remainder of the year. Knock yourself out.

You know, I think it’s impossible to get television news without some sort of spin on it now… I wish there was a “boring news” channel, with just the facts. “A man breaking into a house was bitten by a dog today, on the corner of fifth and main. The man was taken for emergency treatment before being shuttled to the police department… No word yet if the charges of B&E will stick, but he is considered a suspect in a rash of burglaries. The dog has a clean bill of health from the vet, and is home as of this broadcast” Is that so hard? I know some things are more difficult to remove opinion or speculation for, but I prefer to leave speculation to myself, if I wasn’t there to witness the event. A flip side to this is watching two news channels I don’t really want too much speculation… if I want a left or right wing slant on the news, there’s abc or fox, respectively. spin bugs me.

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