Newt Likes Broccoli! I was heating some leftovers for brunch, and the little orange piggy walked right over…I didn’t give it a second thought, as Newt likes to curl up, and hang close as a rule. I was talking to him, and gestured in his general direction with a forkful of steamed broccoli. He followed it with his eye, and hooked a mitt around the fork, and began to lick the morsel in question. That’s fair enough., but it came as a surprise, considering that he seems to actually prefer kibble to most human food. Though, he didn’t eat the stem, just the flower head. it had a little soy sauce on it… the salt must’ve been the draw for him…I’ve seen him lick potato chips clean, and leave a limp, saltless tater-tatter behind.

Lionel is a good older brother to Stanley. (I wonder if anyone aside from Kelly will know who I’m talking about.)

Ok… off to get moving on the three S’s. Time for a beard trim. Until later, dear journal!

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