9063 – Monday – President’s day

HAPPY 8th, Li’L Bit! HOLY MOLEY! 8?!?!

As for president’s day, I certainly prefer the original “George W” to the one currently in office.

Ah, the blessing of a Monday off. Added bonus is a hopefully more gentle 4-day week ahead!

Got up, went to get shots… it was pretty crowded due to the holiday. BHK and I both got our appointments out of the way in a reasonable span of time. I’m about 75% through the third Harry Dresden book. It started out a bit weak, but has gained a nice momentum through the middle 50%. I especially like Mike & Charity Carpenter, even though Mike seemed pretty cornball in the first bit of the book.

After the doc, we went off to Annapolis to make use of the Joss gift certificate we got from Adam for Christmas… I was quite in the mood for a little sushi and tempura.

Alas, the curse of DC and its environs struck again. The weather was absolutely beautiful (mid 70s, sunny), and everyone in government (i.e., EVERYONE within a 250 mile radius, or more) had the day off.

No parking and Joss was full to the gills. That worked out to our advantage, as we toured a little bit until we stumbled into Lemongrass Too. The Fried Green Beans were excellent, and I really liked the Pa-Ram Jae (Deep-fried tofu sauteed with yellow curry with rice, veggies and broccoli, topped with peanut sauce) that BHK ordered… my veggie Pad Thai was good, as well. The crispy tofu appetiser was lacking, in comparison, but that might be just due to everything else being so good. We got enough for me to take for lunch tomorrow as leftovers…. double score. Not the sushi I was expecting, but a nice substitution. Really, only the second time I’ve had Thai since moving from Florida, and this time I was quite pleased.

We opted to walk a bit for a constitutional after our meal – there was a Best Buy next door. I picked up some wipes for my new (Xmas) monitor at home, seeing a sit has already acquired a few Newton / Pyewacket nose-prints. Additionally, we saw Lego Star Wars Trilogy being sold, and in a moment of game-lust, we picked it up. Both BHK and I dig the game, and it’s 2-player…. more bonding time for us! (Like we need it).

We headed home at about 3pm… the weather was still gorgeous, but getting a bit cooler. From what I understand, there’ll be snow by mid- to end-week… hardly seems possible, but I’ve seen stranger stuff.

Upon our arrival, it turned out that the in-laws had come over and were kind enough to take down our Christmas lights (they were too high for us to reach without a ladder.)

BHK was still feeling a little cottony, so we spent the rest of the day at home, resting and recovering energy.
I’m surprised… we really haven’t eaten much since midday, but it’s well after dark now, and neither of us are that hungry. We may have a little nibble in a while, but I suspect it’ll be a light dining night.

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