September 14, 2021 at 09:47AM

Social distancing day 550

Sisto gives a brief #swampwalk report.

As for the #bogsafari , I saw a load of mushrooms / fungi. 4 squirrels minimum, a goodly load of spiders, a massive amount of house finches, one quick and photo-resistant toad, and a young lady attempting semi-unsuccesfully to launch to work.

(While I was walking to the swamp entrance, she drove past me, I smiled and waved and she did the same. 3 minutes later she drove back and waved again. Then she headed out and waved a third time, and she laughed when she saw me again, and explained what happened. I assume she made it from there. )

Also saw a few neighborhood dogs in their yards, including a tiny white pom, a sweetly brushed longhair dauschhund, and a pair of big black labs.

No humans other than me appeared to have a mask on or handy.

#walkabout #sisto #harold #sistobrak #thesearethepeopleinyourneighborhood #spymonkeycreations #gormiti #Toyphotography

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