December 13, 2022 at 10:51PM

The power outage was a sudden and unforeseen event, causing a sense of unease to wash over the town. Darkness descended upon the streets as the flickering glow of streetlights blinked out and the hum of electricity was silenced. In the homes and businesses of the hamlet, the mechanical whir of appliances and the steady glow of screens were suddenly stilled. An eerie silence filled the air, punctuated only by the distant sound of waves crashing on the bay and the far-off cries of panicked citizens.

As the people of the city struggled to adjust to the sudden loss of electricity, they were gripped by a feeling of dread. Many whispered of ancient and eldritch forces at work, conjured forth from the depths of time and space to bring about this blackout. Some spoke of dark and malevolent entities, lurking in the shadows and feeding off of the fear and confusion of the populace.

The true cause of the blackout remained a mystery, but for those who experienced it, the fear and uncertainty lingered long after the lights came back on. It was as if, in that moment of darkness, something had awoken within the city, something ancient and terrible that threatened to engulf them all.

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