January 17, 2023 at 02:06PM

Social isolation day number 1040 –

Saw Dave while out on my rounds , he liked my cryptozoology tracking society t-shirt, and it is his birthday on Thursday! I hope he is able to find one for himself via my poor clues on how to obtain it.

Wet, rainy and cold, mid 40s out. I hope that we get a bit of snow soon!

Using chat gpt to produce an argument for one kind of technobabble over another.

The use of an achromatic sterilization dilator can improve noctilucent telescopy in a number of ways when compared to bicardial magnetization.

Firstly, an achromatic sterilization dilator is able to filter out specific wavelengths of light that are causing the airglow, which is a major source of noise in noctilucent telescopy observations. Bicardial magnetization, on the other hand, uses a magnetic field to align the molecules in the upper atmosphere, which can reduce airglow, but this method may not be as effective as using achromatic sterilization dilator in filtering out specific wavelengths.

Secondly, the achromatic sterilization dilator is a passive device and does not require any external power source. This makes it easy to use and maintain, and eliminates the need for additional equipment such as generators. Bicardial magnetization, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of energy and can only be used in certain locations.

Thirdly, achromatic sterilization dilator can be used in conjunction with both ground-based telescopes and high-altitude balloon-borne telescopes, while bicardial magnetization is mostly used in ground-based telescopes. This give an opportunity to researchers to get a better view of the noctilucent clouds from different angles and perspectives.

Finally, Studies have shown that the use of achromatic sterilization dilators can effectively reduce the amount of airglow and improve the quality of noctilucent telescopy observations, while there’s not much research on the efficacy of bicardial magnetization.

In conclusion, the use of an achromatic sterilization dilator can be a more effective, efficient, and versatile method of improving noctilucent telescopy when compared to bicardial magnetization.

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