January 24, 2023 at 04:35PM

Photo is a way I rather envision parts of Salem / Roanoke Virginia, maybe even more primitive, because somehow, I suspect some hut dwellers live with better connectivity. (Note, the lovely actual home I recently stayed in was a beautiful multifloor four-bedroom place, with access to delivery groceries and multiple takeout options, with a university literally just down the road, and a pretty bustling community, not isolated at all.)

Salem, Virginia is a region that showcases the stark contrast between advanced technology and inadequate infrastructure. On one hand, Salem is home to multiple colleges and schools, and just down the road in Blacksburg, there is a bustling tech corridor, known for its cutting-edge research and development. But on the other hand, many residents of Salem struggle with poor internet connectivity that hinders their ability to fully participate in the digital economy.

Living in the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine a world without high speed internet. But for many rural communities, such as Salem, Virginia, this is still a reality. Despite advancements in technology, these areas still struggle to access the internet due to a lack of supporting infrastructure.

For a number of folks who live in Salem, the lack of internet connectivity is a daily struggle. They rely on their smartphones for internet access, but the signal is often weak and unreliable. This makes it difficult for them to stay connected with family and friends, as well as access important information and services online.

This lack has major implications for education and economic development. Many people in these areas struggle to access online resources like remote work and completion of homework assignments.

It’s time for government and private companies to take action and invest in the infrastructure needed to bring internet connectivity to communities like Salem. Access to the internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s world.

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