Liked on YouTube: Fallout 76 Just Teased 7 NEW CRYPTIDS! | Fallout 76 Lore

The Season 12 scoreboard tells a story. Taking a closer look at the illustrations, cards and figurines a variety of different cryptids can be seen.

Traditional representations of existing creatures we can find ingame but some completely new ones as well. And at least one of these was introduced as a new random encounter.

In today’s video we are investigating what each of these represents and exploring the real life sightings that inspired them.

Before listening to some new unique dialogue that actually hints that some do already exist in Appalachia and.. could be future cryptids coming to Fallout 76!

Lets get started!


Thumbnail artwork –

00:00​ Introduction
00:47 Overview
01:15 Ogua
01:59 Snallygaster
02:40 Flatwoods Monster
03:24 Kentucky Wolfman
03:51 Indrid Cold: The Smiling Man
05:27 The Greenbriar Ghost
06:13 The Veggieman
07:15 Squonk
08:02 Jersey Devil
09:06 Thunderbird
10:27 Final Thoughts


Epidemic Sound

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