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Are you tired of all the wild claims and pseudoscience passed off as history? Well, guess what? So is Tristan! In this video, Tristan takes on the Netflix show ‘Ancient Apocalypse’, based on the work of Graham Hancock and featuring the man himself.

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0:00 Introduction
1:45 Episode 1: Not Understanding Volcanoes
8:58 Episode 2: The Power of Deceptive Editing
23:33 Episode 3: Sirius Business
31:46 Episode 4: Rocks be Like That
46:16 Episode 5: How Move Big Rock?
59:18 Episode 6: Margins of Error
1:06:46 Episode 7: Phantom Tunnels
1:11:07 Episode 8: The Convenient Meteor
1:26:38 Meet the Real Graham
1:38:04 Why This Matters

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