April 17, 2023 at 04:04PM

Dear Journal,

Today was a day of unexpected encounters as I stumbled upon my old friend Sisto during my stroll along the greenway near the Old Salem Brewery.
Sisto is a unique being, with his red and black colored head, golden eyes, and a mouth full of sharp yellow teeth.
As a Bog-nar, I am used to the unusual creatures that inhabit our world, but his appearance still takes me by surprise. However, his familiar voice and friendly demeanor quickly put me at ease, and we greeted each other with excitement.
Sisto led me to a secluded spot by the creek, and we sat down to catch up. He shared stories of his recent adventures, which involved exploring caves and studying rare species of flora and fauna. His passion for discovery and his vast knowledge about the natural world never ceases to amaze me.
As we were chatting, Sisto’s keen eyes spotted a flash of movement in the creek, and he pointed excitedly. We both turned our gaze towards the water and saw a Great Blue Heron standing tall, its long neck extended as it scanned the water for prey.
Sisto’s fascination with the heron was evident as he spoke about its hunting techniques, its adaptability to different habitats, and its significance in various cultures. He admired the heron’s ability to thrive in its natural environment and its role as a predator in the ecosystem.
We watched in awe as the heron patiently waded through the water, its movements graceful and precise. Sisto’s knowledge and insights about the heron added a deeper appreciation to the sight, and I found myself mesmerized by this majestic bird.
We sat there for a while, silently observing the heron and the tranquility of the creek. The sound of the water flowing and the sight of the heron in its natural habitat brought a sense of peace and connection with nature.
As the sun began to set, we bid farewell to the heron and the creek, knowing that we had witnessed something truly special. Sisto expressed his gratitude for the encounter, and I look forward to more wandering here in the future.


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