First dispatch from Little Brushy Mountain

Little Brushy from the Appalachian Trail

Howdy folks, it’s me, the Old Man on Little Brushy Mountain, scribbling down some tales from our new homestead. We’ve finally settled in this neck of the woods, and life’s been mighty interesting so far!

First things first, we had to make sure our home is safe from radon, which is quite common in these parts. So, we called in a local mitigation company to test and make sure our cabin is free from this sneaky vapor. After all, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarettes, and we aren’t taking any chances with our health, if we can help it!

Now, let me tell ya about my first meal in our cozy little hut. I went all out with a fast food feast! I chowed down on a double impossible whopper with all the fixins – cheese, pickle, ketchup, and mayo. Washed it all down with a can of Dr. Pepper Zero from the fridge. And to top it off, I had some Burger King onion rings and a heapin’ plate of McDonald’s fries. Paw and Maw Brr went to McDonald’s too, since it ain’t too far from the BK. But dang it, wouldn’t ya know it, the shake machine was broken! So, no Shamrock, Oreo, Strawberry, or Chocolate goodness for me this time. Guess I’ll have to keep my milkshake dreams alive for another day!

Oh, and speaking of our neighbors, we’ve got quite a cast of characters here on Little Brushy Mountain. There’s Mrs. Bear, who’s always prowlin’ around and up to shenanigans, not unlike Madcat Pearl, the mischievous feline who’s always into something. Let me tell ya, Paw and Maw Brr are quite the pair too, always keepin’ me on my toes with their doings. But hey, life wouldn’t be half as fun without ’em! Also of note were the Venison Sisters (5 young deer we saw today just up the way), and the first visit from soon to retire school marm Ann, who saw us loading up the house and introduced herself. I should also mention the wandering ball-men seeking to recover lost treasures from the grassy moat that surrounds us all.

Well, that’s it for now, folks. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on the happenings here on Little Brushy Mountain. ‘Til next time, keep smilin’ and enjoyin’ life’s little quirks!

Yours truly,


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