May 24, 2023 Dear Journal, Today, Sisto and I embarked on a tranquil stroll along the Roanoke River on the Greenway. The weather was perfect, with a gentle breeze and warm sunlight. As we started our journey, we were greeted by the refreshing scent of the river and vibrant foliage. The Greenway provided a serene escape from the bustling world, with the path winding alongside the picturesque river. Sisto brought a sense of wonder to our adventure. Together, we marveled at nature’s beauty, discovering hidden treasures along the way. The wildflowers bloomed, dancing in the breeze, while birds filled the air with their melodious songs. In peaceful silence, Sisto and I communicated through unspoken understanding, deepening our bond. After what felt both fleeting and eternal, we reached the trail’s end. The Roanoke River expanded before us, merging with the horizon in a breathtaking vista. Sitting on a bench, we savored the accomplishment of completing the Greenway. Gratitude filled our hearts for the wonders we experienced and the beauty we often overlook. Reluctantly, we retraced our steps as the sun began to set, carrying the contentment of a truly special day. Today’s walk along the Roanoke River reminded us of nature’s healing power and the importance of cherishing its gifts. With Sisto by my side, I look forward to further explorations, one step at a time. Until next time, Harold #HaroldAdventures #haroldsjournal #walkabout #doodles #sistobrak #sisto #harold #roanokeriver #roanokeva

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