July 20, 2023

So, Sisto is still packed in one of these boxes? I forget, does he breathe? I set him aside for taking pictures, but he got stowed away in the grand sweep of our second pass.

I am unpacking the garage a little more, trying to arrange stuff for comfort and aesthetics. Gets a bit hot in there during the day.

Taking a little break with a popsicle and a cold drink indoors with the AC and these little wooden “stacking stones” 36 nifty little blocks in oddball prism and sort of sarcophagus shapes. They throw me a little dwarven pawn carving vibe for a game that doesn’t exist, yet. (8 big pawns, 16 smaller pawns, and 12 “gems”.)

“Gems” have faces that are either hexagons or pentagons total 21 faces as a long faceted tube .

“Pawns” have 2 square faces on top and bottom, 4 superman chest logo style hexagons, 8 elongated pentagons (4 each alternating fat and thin), and 4 elongated flattened hexagons. For a total of 18 faces. See photo, if my poor description is not helpful.

Jeez, this is terrible weather for a swamp guy like Harold. We need to maybe get some misters around here for him, and maybe just a little box fan and ice maker for me.

#harold #bognar #sisto #sistobrak #hammerhead #momawnadon #summervibes #unpackingmiscellany #shapes #geometricsolids

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