Painted pig Aug 10 2023


Again, the painted pig was a mystery, a riddle wrapped in a concrete enigma. Today its body was a deep blue, like the abyssal depths of the ocean, and its hooves, eyes, snout and tail were gilded with gold. On its side, the letters TV + KW gleamed like a secret message, and opposite them, the cryptic HVHS 2024. I suspected this was the sign of the happy valley high school, a place where young minds are molded and ultimately corrupted by the system.

Was wearing one of my “old gods of Appalachia ” shirts on my walkies today, and a friendly face mentioned to me that they loved the podcast, and welcome to night vale back in the day.

I put them on the road to Uncanny County and King Falls AM , I hope they enjoy them as much as I did when I last dug in.

Can anyone recommend some podcasts in that style?

I also really enjoyed Archive 81, Our Fair city, Sayer, Magnus Archives and the Lost cat.

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