Dec 13 2023

Day 20,037

Got a little Christmas shopping done, got some chores done, had time to take a little walk on the Roanoke River Greenway. 

The water was moving pretty quickly at points, and the weather was quite nice, upper 50s F. I picked up a little litter as I went, and got a phone call from mom as I was cooling down. The geese are pretty much gone, but plenty of mallards were enjoying a duck date, acting like tub toys on the water. Nobody else was on the greenway,   only other person I saw was just having lunch in the parking lot.  The area flora was just dead leaves and grass, I look forward to seeing it with a thin layer of snow on top of the around and branches, with a little ice on the river.

I caught Pearl climbing up inside the lowest of the bottom branches in the tannenbaum,  but by the time I got my phone to snap a pic she had already jumped down. I imagine I’ll have other chances to catch her in the act.

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