Day 20,221

We lie among our atoms, and I speak to you of things And hope sometimes that maybe you will understand There is no order here, and there is no middle ground Nothing can be predicted, and nothing can be planned A star is just the memory of a star We are fireflies pulsing dimly in the dark We are here, and you are where you are

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Hey, neato timing! I got a surprise sercee from @maximillian_deersteak in the form of The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh!

I love it!

The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was an alien hero inspired by Bruce Wayne, named Tlano. He teleported Earth’s Batman to his home planet, Planet X, where Bruce Wayne would acquire powers akin to Superman, to help ward off invading robots. Bruce would later adopt the identity himself, using it as a subconsciousness that acted as Batman without the burden of Bruce Wayne. Zur-En-Arrh from Earth-0 later passed his “consciousness” to the Failsafe android. The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was created by Ed Herron and Dick Sprang, first appearing in Batman #113 (1958).

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Pink pig

Day 20,219 Painted pig update 🐖 ! Hot pink, with “FAITH” written on the left side, and “IO” on the right.

Does this refer to a child named Faith’s 10th birthday?

The Mormon’s tenth article of faith?

My personal favorite and third largest of Jupiter’s moons, Io, and its relation to creationism? (Io is my favorite moon because it is both very beautiful and the most volcanically active (not because anti-science crackpots try to use it as dogmatic, yet abstract proof of a much younger universe than the Big Bang).

Maybe a worshipper of Io, one of Zeus’s human lovers? Though he (or maybe Hera) turned her into a heifer, not a sow.

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Io (/ˈaɪ.oʊ/), or Jupiter I, is the innermost and second-smallest of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter. Slightly larger than Earth’s moon, Io is the fourth-largest moon in the Solar System, has the highest density of any moon, the strongest surface gravity of any moon, and the lowest amount of water by atomic ratio of any known astronomical object in the Solar System. It was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei and was named after the mythological character Io, a priestess of Hera who became one of Zeus’s lovers.

The ancients connected Io with the Moon, and in Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound, where Io encounters Prometheus, she refers to herself as “the horned virgin”. (The points of the crescent 🌙 moon looking a little bit like the horns?)

Maybe the most appropriate story, given that it is June—

Lygdus and his wife, Telethusa, were an impoverished couple living in Crete. When Telethusa became pregnant, her husband informed her that they could not afford to have a daughter and that they had no other option but to kill the child if it were a girl. Eight months later, Io, later in the story referred to as Isis, came to Telethusa in a vision and told her that she should keep her daughter when she was born and must tell her husband that it was a boy named Iphis. Later in the story, Isis (Io) changes Iphis’s sex when she is supposed to marry her fiancée, Ianthe.

Regarding Cara—

Banning AI is hard work. It requires moderation technology and, ultimately, expensive human moderation and an experienced trust and safety team.

Offering reliable protection, thus far nonexistent, against being scraped for training AI is difficult. It’s beginning to seem that Elon Musk’s mistake of not understanding the challenges of properly running a startup social network also applies here. I’m willing to bet they didn’t think things through.

This is an expensive, challenging endeavor with high demand from a passionate audience. Charge users for it.

Unfortunately, I’m willing to wager that the very same people who complain that they should get paid and that their livelihoods are on the line will balk at having to pay for the remedies Cara seems to offer. This strikes me as naive, immature, and hypocritical.

A small group might be willing to spend money on Cara, an artist-focused alternative to Instagram, but most artists will not.

Too bad. I’m already posting my traditional artwork there. I hope they figure it out, but I’m skeptical. An emotional response and a core ethos focused on censoring and dividing users seems like a tough way to start a business.

I’ll be interested to look back in the next year or so, and see if they exist at all.

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Jun 9 2024

Day 20,216

We took Derrick and Denver up to the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain last night, and today, we are roaming around Black Dog Salvage, looking at nifty loot. I hope the star goes back to red, white, and blue soon… I love it in just white, but the varied colors are so much fun! Many kids were up at the star smoking some skunky weed—it must be a popular Saturday night hangout for the teens.

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Day 20,214

It’s firefly and hoot owl season at night in the Blue Ridge. At twilight, they seem most visible, like embers coming from a campfire, but even at 11 p.m., there are still odd blinks and flickers in the trees and on the grass as well as in the air. Denver and Derek are coming to visit for the weekend, and I hope they enjoy them as much as we do. Music via @beachcreeperband “Chessie’s Got a Posse” , from the album – “In Surf Of” From the song: Chessie Chunky contaminated cooler: “Put a couple of ounces of rum in a shaker, Add an ounce of the thickest, pulpiest orange juice you can find Squeeze a lime in, and scrape in all the pulp (That’s all the garbage in the bay) Add some ice and shake it until it’s frosty and sludgy, Pour into a glass and garnish with a piece of Styrofoam on a toothpick Think about the plight of the bay, and gag it down.” Chessie needs to visit us cryptids in the blue ridge, take a little break and hang at Smith Mountain Lake with Smithy, and breathe some clean air and splash some fresh water. #doodle #chessie #fireflies #jun072024 #beachcreeperband #cocktail #smithy #smithmountainlakemonster #chesapeakebaymonster

Jun 06 2024

Day 20,213

Many thanks to @jenny76 for running my doodle of the cryptid knight through a Glowforge Plus laser cutter and engraver at the library. This was on basic settings at 3.5″ square draft board. I really love how it turned out! The result is far nicer than I could have hoped, and I am looking forward to seeing how it does on a larger piece as the top of a box.

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From Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 1 #42, June 1979, the “Kulamtu trees.” At some point, the Amazons of Gamburu planted Kulamtu trees in the center of their town square (or perhaps built the city around them?). Worshipping the Kulamtu like deities, the Amazons would perform ritual sacrifices by feeding living people to the plants. The plants became known as “the Devil-Trees of Gamburu.”

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Jun 4 2024

Day 20,211

Super-smoothed and line-thickened version of a cryptid knight—looking for something to burn into the lid of a wooden box or 3D print after converting it into a vector graphic.

I tried doing it in multiple colors, but I think it looks nicer in just black and white.

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June 3 2024

Day 20,210

Watching “No Offense ” season 2 finale with the family after dinner of some yucky LJS.

Synthetic Gorilla, before and after. These are the things that come to mind playing with Glyos Gorillux figures and a replay of Fallout 4.

Sized so I can put the robo layer under the skin, and erase to show mechanical underneath bits for “westworld/ fembot /five nights” reveal.

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Jun 02 2024

My loot from drop 101 of #onelldesign came in, lovely #glyoscompatible goodies. So happy to see the return of the gorilla and fish faces, and the addition of a horse looking one might make a future build of Beta Ray Bill a possibility.  Good to get those feathered wings as a part, too. I can see a lot of uses.

Pics – gorilla angel mech, just a cute little robot built from leftover parts, a creepy spider crayboth, fish face and a centaur-bot, glow pheyden and a very cthulhu-ish critter with a clear orange crayboth, and the whole gang plus some pieces/parts.

#glyos #modulartoys #drop101

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