On the leafpeep trip today, I saw a number of “democrats for trump” signs and it was the least connected to party stuff I’d ever seen. I will not link to the site,as it is just a data harvest point and wouldn’t give them the clicks.

If you call yourself a democrat… how the devil could you support that guy? Just goes to show you, there are dumbasses and people full of crap on all sides of this race.

Assuming that is a legit group and not just a complete bowl of bologna…. what would cause someone to go over in that way?

I was curious and found this link https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/09/18/these-are-the-top-democrats-who-have-endorsed-trumps-reelection/amp/

From the signs –

“Coastal elitists and left-wing radicals have taken over the Democrat Party and are dictating everything from a sham impeachment process to the outright embrace of socialism. While lifelong Democrats no longer recognize the Democratic Party and feel forgotten by their party, President Trump has been keeping his promises to fight for ALL Americans.”

OK. To hell with trump, and that laughable noise.. If you agree with the quote above, please help me understand why I would, or should associate with you?

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2 thoughts on “D.4.45.bs”

  1. This has been a dual eyebrow raise for me for the last 3.75 years personified by my father. I think I lamented about this within eyeshot of you somewhere on the interwebs at some point. Maybe not. My pops—who I love dearly still—voted with me in ’16 for Hillary. Very quickly afterwards the tidal wave of democratic despair and liberal media cry heard round the globe gut punched him hard. Being a confused contrarian by nature he white knuckled his way right through rationality and started finding Fox News to nod in despair at his exact same tempo. I get it. Maybe. Not really, but OK. He was deeply annoyed that people were deeply annoyed. What I don’t get is why he stayed there in that place. Why his initial frustration solidified into resolve. He says all the predictable things now. “Trump is no politician. He’s messy, but he’s real.” Deflects when the math doesn’t add up in his favor. Points his finger at people who are pointing their fingers. And it’s so strange. Ask him about abortion, gun control, healthcare, climate change, FRACKING, and I’m telling you—he’s still a democrat. He just doesn’t understand it. He continues to recite what he hears without understanding. “I don’t want America to become SOCIALIST!” “Biden is stupid!” “Pelosi refuses to help us!” “Witch hunt!” He still does the sunday crosswords puzzle with a pen in under six minutes. He will die having never sent an email or text. He became a vegan after watching me do it. I don’t know what he’s a case study of, but I would watch a sunday sitcom of him. With both my eyebrows up. As long as we fucking survive November 3rd!

    1. I do recall us going over something similar so long ago!

      I can certainly respect loving someone despite them being a contradiction in their own mind. I think people suffer from at least a few inconsistencies, and many can work on a cognitive dissonance that I cannot wrap my head around.

      Though I can’t understand how one gets to that point, I can totally understand getting in a mood and stubbornly sticking there. It can be a comfortable position to sit in a spot where one’s opinion ossifies into pseudo truth. I have been guilty of being a jaded grump on many occasions, and it can take blasting powder to change my mind and mood if I decide to dig my heels in.

      I hope we all feel better come the election and beyond.

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