July 07, 2021 at 01:23PM

No Sisto this week, weather is brought to you by C. Lawford and Harold (not Bog-Nar).

Quarantine isolation day 481

#bogsafari report – almost nobody is wearing a mask, despite us having less than a 50% vaccine coverage in this neck of the woods. I hope delta isn’t going to be as devastating as I fear it might around here.

As C.L. said, it is very hot and the bugs are out in force. 88F (or about 32Cl, with tons of swampy humidity.

As for other critters, I think the kitties were wisely in the air conditioned or more covered shady spots not available to my trespass or bulk. A few osprey and I could smell but not see a skunk somewhere in the swamp.

Though my walk was only about a half mile today, I went from bone dry to looking like I went swimming in the bay. Note to self- Remember to stay hydrated!

Random thought- I really like that Throg calls Beta Ray Bill “Thorse”.

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