Liked on YouTube: Toy-Ventures 15: Astro Apes

This week’s toy-ventures is all about Planet of the Apes, well not officially licensed mind you, nope we’re talking about the weird knock offs called the Astro Apes.

Astro Apes are cheap, blatant and totally charming rip-offs of our favorite Ape characters. So come meet Artemus, Myra and Dr. Zorma!

Discuss the Astro Apes in the Mego Knock Off Facebook group:

Collection pics courtesy of William.

Liked on YouTube: Fallout New Vegas Radio – All Songs – Low data use

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of this music, and I am not monetizing these songs, aka, I am making NO MONEY on these songs.

This video is in low quality and reduces data consumption, while playing the audio at great quality. Good for limited data plans or on the go.

Thanks to Tyler Curry for compiling these songs.

Love this music, and reminds of the good times playing and watching the game.