June 03, 2023 at 02:23PM

No pancakes for me this morning, we ran out of time, and went to do dunkin…which was a major line up. So, off to sonic for lunch! I got a breakfast burrito (no sausage) and tots, while Mrs Mermaid got her beloved footlong with chili and cheese.

FIL smartly got a milkshake and I stole pulls off of Mrs cherry limeade after I drank down my other drink I had with.

MIL got a jr burger and a pretzel.

My tummy is now quite satisfied, but I wouldn’t mind some donuts or pancakes tomorrow.

After, we hit the farm stand and snagged some watermelon and peaches (for mrs), blueberries and jalapeno cheese focaccia (for me), lemons for everyone.

Good restful start to a nice weekend, hope all those who are able have a sweet one too!

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