June 04, 2023 at 03:12PM

We went for a ride on a sunny day
To get some donuts on the way
We picked a dozen of different kinds
To surprise our wives and delight their minds

We talked and laughed and shared our views
About the boats and the latest news
He was a good man, wise and kind
But he had some secrets he didn’t mind

We got back home and saw their smiles
They smelled the donuts and hugged us tight
They were beautiful and happy and sweet
But they were also wicked and full of deceit

We sat at the table and ate our treats
The donuts were soft and sugary and neat
Everyone found their favorite one
But mine had something that made me stunned

I felt a pain in my mouth and throat
I saw a drop of blood on the glaze and coat
I looked at them and saw their eyes
They were full of pity and malice and lies

He said they gave me a special gift
The blood of Poe, the master of the rift
He said they were his descendants all
And they wanted me to join their thrall

I tried to run but it was too late
The poison had already sealed my fate
I fell to the floor and heard them say
Welcome to the family, my son, today

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