Day 20,250 Capybara!

The actual creatures are much more adorable than Speak, a friend of The Tick who was perhaps my first encounter with that sort of critter.

Now, these giant potatoes are some of my all-time favorite rodents, along with beavers, porcupines, and chipmunks. (Note: Skunks are not rodents. I just had to correct myself, but I love those too.)

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Day 20,246

Summer has been roasty toasty. It was nice to get some frozen lemonade from @debs_lemonade yesterday to cut some of the heat! (Reminds me of the old days in SoFla when the Polar Cup truck would roll around. I do rather wish that there was a sugar-free version, but for me, that is a small issue with an otherwise lovely summertime snack.

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Neat discovery today!

Anisota peigleri, the yellowstriped oakworm, is a moth of the family Saturniidae. The species was first described by Jules C. E. Riotte in 1975. It is found in the United States from south-eastern Kentucky, south-western Virginia, eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina south through western South Carolina and central Georgia into north-central Florida.