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It’s questionable just how philosophic one should get on December eleventh. It’s too early for any sweeping statements about the end of the millenium or even the end of the year. I don’t even know what kind of month it’s going to be. Still, it’s December, a month loaded with the spore of philosophical thoughts. Being the last month of the year gives it a weight that September, say, never has, (although September does have Back To School going for it). You are inclined to think about what you’ve done over the last year, or, far more likely, what you haven’t done. I actually feel as though I’ve made some significant accomplishments this year. But this feeling is dampened knowing that my pal S feels exactly the opposite. Different outlooks, different milestones. The ultimate goal is the same, though, in that neither of us really know what the ultimate goal is. There is unity in ignorance. All the same, it’s only the 11th. Time to accomplish more. Time to stop worrying about it. Time to figure out how I’m going to pay for Christmas. Wacky new girl at work, G. Nobody else seems too fond of her. P especially, but F and R are kind of negative about her too. I think P’s problem is that there’s another hen in the henhouse, and she won’t be the only one fawned over in there anymore (like that’s going to happen.) G’s from mixed stock, mother is from Trinidad, and father is Chinese Jamacian. It comes together in a really appealing package, looks quite asian, with slightly darker than gold skin. Hyperkinetic to the extreme, it will come in handy when she learns to focus. (right now she hops from machine to machine, feuled on starburst, twix, and soda coursing through her veins at about the speed of light.) with the right knowledge, she’ll be all over any jobs that come her way. Still a little scattered, but quite a little flirt, too. (probably why I’m more forgiving than the rest, I’ve always been a sucker for an unmarried pretty face.) Now that my time with S is coming to an end, I’d be happy to chase G for a bit, at least until she makes a point of saying “No, I don’t think so” . Still waiting on my raise… only been due since june, and I know there won’t be any retro pay. bah.

wgt – 10 oz

First Day with me, Named Newton, very Miawy

allergic reaction in my eyes, treatable by frequent flushings.

he’s up quite a bit, feeding him every 4 hours. just starting to have him try to lap from a bowl, but he prefers the dropper.

weight is an estimate