I go to the doctor tomorrow morning. let’s hope that the wait isn’t as long as last time around. I’ll discuss with him the prescription difficulties, too.

My back only really tweaks up in the morning here and there now. Hopefully, this means I can go in, get a MRI to peek, just in case, and get back on the work wagon on Tuesday. I’m tired of being stuck in the house, and of being worried about projects due.

hearing about “embedded chip” technology, a chip implant that’ll store information about you, like medical or security. Uh, no. Not for me. Maybe for Newt, if he gets lost, but there is precious little that would get me to get a bit of harware installed in my body for information purposes. I’ll carry an ID card, no problem… but something about being that trackable is upsetting to me.

*note to self, get mailing stuff together to drop at the PO after the doctors.

Newt cracks me up…we’re playing army-man fetch, and he’s really into it… bounding all over the place, and hauling after tossed plastic soldiers at top speed. he’s running so fast that when he returns them to me, he sort of runs past, and just lets go of the toy and is in the other room before it hits the ground at my feet.

solution to piracy sound-bite. “make it easier to buy than it is to steal.” I tend to agree with that.

ack… polls no longer support images. drat!

*sending my sweetheart thoughts of love, comfort and key lime pie*

Discovered Digital neigbors… much better than Local Yahoo. It helped me to dig up more local information on Pompano, Lusby, Holbrook, Bellingham, and North Bend. some of the links are dead ends (non-tiger maplinks pulled by advertisers), but the rest of the info is quite nifty. I got longitude and latitudes of the above cities, so I can track stuff on my palm astronomy program more accurately. I can see what the sky looks like in any of those places quick and easy, now.

I wish I’d found the Pompano info before I went on vacation… a better list of local stuff, save for the Hurricane coaster.

On an unrelated note… Wonder Woman was far more spiffy when she cruised around in a voice-activated, remote-controlled & telepathically summoned invisible plane (and later, jet). Just flying, any superhero can do. Tooling around in a transparent F-16 is cool, man. Even if it’s tricky to read the invisible altimeter and fuel buttons. Weirdly, everyone aboard stays visible, so you see a sitting pilot hanging in midair.