Stream of thought to be tidied

Alexandria / Richmond – living as a mallrat, mom hairdresser, dad construction – free roaming, Woolworths, grilled cheese, comics, movies

Star wars figures, 76-79?, Alien movie, King Kong, Derek afraid of gorilla, saw capricorn I instead.

Deer Key / Duck key / Marathon – loving in a trailer, white streets made of skin chewing coral and shells – senior neighbors, used bookstores, smelling weed burning “like a Hershey factory” at the diner

Interest in cryptids, ufology, hanging at the library. Stephen king, HP Lovecraft, Robert Howard starting at about 1975 or 6.

Massachusetts – Memories of Boston zoo, Kevin and Michelle, Derek, cousins Paula, David and Billy, Val and Bob.

Toys of merit – army men, each with its own voice, Lincoln logs, Battlestar Galactica action figures (bad guys only), Buck Rogers twiki. Smurf figurines.

Dad’s cars – Corvette, Mercedes, duster, the “batmobile” with the find.

Early 80s, Florida, 6th grade, D&D, Kevin Cummins, James Dawsey, Congress middle, Unitarian school

Mid 80s, Florida, atlantic high school, viewtron, Steve Jacoby, Brent Ashland, Dad died. Boy scouts, working at the BBCL,

Moving out of the house at 17 Thanksgiving while Mom was on vacation, brother loving with Bob and Val, Living with Laura, the twins and Cameron, recovering mac computer for them, summer sleeping over /ice cream drama

Dad died when he was 42. I was not quite 18?. He was in real estate, and since it was South Florida, and he had more money than sense, I suspect that he dealt drugs. He had a large amount of weed stored in the closet when I looked in there. Envelopes full of hundred dollar bills, too. This was going on since before my parents divorce. I first found out about it when I was maybe 13.

My mother arranged for me to sign over all inheritance to her when I was 18. The house, whatever else. She thought she was owed it, I didn’t care at the time. Still a shitty thing to do to your child. My brother and I got literally nothing of financial worth from my father, thanks directly to my mother. At least two properties and who knows how much jewelry, cash, guns, and other hardware.

I barely remember elementary school. Mr. Adams first grade, Mrs Green one of my 5th grade teachers.

Living in boca raton on my own, getting Newton in 98, then to pompano, fort Lauderdale, Miami, working in direct mail, Atari computer club, Kevin, taking Newt to work at IMT / Atlantic marketing, a child is missing

Marrying in 2006, moving to maryland

May, 1979 41 years ago!

The first r-rated movie I saw as a kid.Trading cards for Alien (1979) #alien I think I was supposed to be watching Rocky II, I was 10 at the time. My younger brother was still so little, I think he was with Mom. She was a hairdresser with Sally Brunot at the mall, and I was allowed to roam around while she was working. I don’t remember a lot about that place, except I had some cool monster paperbacks and there was a Woolworths that sold comic books and had a lunch counter. Comics at that time were usually 40¢, and kids movies were $1.50 (though if you wanted to jump theaters, it was really easy to catch 2) so once a week I would take a couple of allowance / keep busy kid bucks and get either – 2 comics and a grilled cheese w/fries {and tip!} at the lunch counter, or if I could manage it, see a couple of movies and then get a root beer or a Coke at the counter afterwards. 99% of the time I got comics and real food, but I really wanted to see Alien. I wasn’t disappointed.