January 25, 2021 at 02:38PM

#Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 318.

Pretty upset to see a garbage can, a toilet seat and a couple of spare tires tossed into where I enter the swamp. If I had the resources, I would take my truck out there and pick that and some of the other crap out there up to take to the dump. I can only hope the swamp is able to reclaim the worst of it come the next flood rains.

#bogsafari critter count – a handful of squirrels, some small birds, (one with a tufted head and another with a blue belly), and the neighborhood Belgian shepherd… her winter coat is extra flurfy given the season.

Got a false snow warning this morning, had some fat flakes that didn’t stick yesterday. Wandering today resulted in a brisk walk, because it was in the mid-40s F, with a chilly light gusting of wind.

Neighborhood folk were better about masks today. Brief encounters at a safe distance were met with all of us with some kind of face wear.

#swamp #pollution #litter https://instagr.am/p/CKeuBO4gIkR/