July 22, 2021 at 10:51AM

Another quickie slideshow and swampwalk report from Sisto and Harold.

496 days since quarantine / social isolation. I am still counting until it is safe for the vaccinated and unvaccinated to mix without protection. It will be a while. It may be for the rest of my life, for all I know .

Weather was reasonably cool for walkies, mid 70sF. I saw D&T briefly from the backyard, referred to it as “Deersteak Vinyards” in honor of @maximillian_deersteak

#bogsafari – those cicadas are so active, still, and squirrels are hopping about nicely. Sassy Cardinal and her mate must have a nest around here. Maybe in PG’s tree on the fence? A few osprey, black vultures and seagulls along varying parts of my walk as well.

No domestic critters seen, unless you count the neighbor kid riding his bike while I was en route to the swamp. I didn’t realize he had external, over the ear hearing aids in both ears until today. I wonder if they are a new model or if I have been oblivious?

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