September 16, 2021 at 12:05PM

Social distancing day 552.

Overcast morning, mid 70s outside. Very humid.

Sisto and Harold had a nice walk along with me but my back is extra creaky today, so I had to cut things a bit short.

Still trying to suss out a good solar panel solution to the squirrel cam battery. Maybe a larger panel or two in tandem? Alternately, I can always run a line to house power to trickle charge the batteries, but that seems a last ditch answer.

Speaking of the back yard, I found out what the vultures were eating yesterday, and it was the remains of a squirrel. The portions left behind by them are a bit too dispersed for me to pick up and dispose of, so it may just return to the soil there. Thankfully it isn’t one of the critters we have previously named or identified, like split-ear or forktail, but I am wondering what got it. The owl? A fox? Was it hit by a vehicle and came here after?

#swampwalk #bogsafari #walkabout #backyardzoo #backyardgarden

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