October 28, 2021 at 11:43AM

Saw fluffernutter cat as I walked to the swamp. He is looking older and more sleepy, but still regal and friendly. He came up and gave me some loving headbutts, which made my morning. We talked a bit before he headed off to get breakfast, and I returned to my walkies.

Social isolation day 594

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Social isolation day 594 Sisto gives a brief report on the nice weather, and added a few pictures from the walk after. Pictures are both from the swamp walk and the neighborhood surrounding. Two great jack o lanterns and a couple of nifty skeletal yard displays. Weather was so nice, and there wasn’t much wind to obstruct creature sounds. Maybe 63°F. #bogsafari was fruitful. Fluffernutter cat, very few humans, a couple of cardinals, maybe 6 squirrels, a rabbit, some tiny peepy birds, a big bird (hawk? Eagle?) for just a second, and some kind of light rustling in the grass, probably a snake. Trees have lost a little more coverage and colors changed a bit more to the red. The path itself is well covered with leaves. I thin going out first thing in the morning is working best for me, when it is cooler and foot traffic leading to the woods is less popular. #swampwalk #walkabout #sisto #sistobrak #gormiti #glyos #spymonkeycreations #battletribes #autumn https://www.instagram.com/p/CVlLt5dJidX/?utm_medium=share_sheet