October 05, 2021 at 03:54PM

Sisto and Harold with some quick scenes from the #swampwalk

Social isolation day 572 part 2

Mostly a quick video of trees and fungus.

Weather was nice this morning, maybe 68⁰, a bit humid. Few spiders and insects visible but a lot of chirping bugs. About a dozen tiny finch birds, a few squirrels, and I got to see what i think was Khemrailz Cat, and Panda of course. Few humans, and I again seem to be the only one wearing a mask in my neighborhood. (Though it was around my neck, as I didn’t get within 100 feet of anybody, until I pulled if up wren I hit the post office. Good day for the PO ~ got my weapons grab bag from @binarycontrol and the glyos bag of crap from @grimcreapers ! I will have some pictures of those nifty bits and bobs down the line. Especially enthused about the custom blaster from #red6designs and the new shark head from #grimcreapers

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Liked on YouTube: Mystic Kids FunTime / Church of PuppeTose – 1998 Sampler A

A mashup of three live shows of the Mystic Access Guru from 1998. “Pixie Picnic”, “The Little Dogma That Could” and “Re-animated Wisdom From The Mountain of Decay” were the titles. Highlights include radio host Alex Jones as the Mystic Pillar, and the Guru puppet breaking and cracking off the nose. Live call-in show from Austin Public Access or ACTV. Callers called in to seek advice from a extradimensional Demigod. The show was rife with technical problems and ran for over 10 years. Enjoy. Hope to post more soon.

October 05, 2021 at 10:54AM

Social distancing day 571.

On the way to the swamp, I spotted this little critter in front of D&T’s house. I think it was Khemtrailz, but I could be wrong. Her markings seem a bit darker, and maybe a bit of a rounder body. I didn’t get too close, because I didn’t want to trespass in the yard or scare the kitty, but it was nice to see a little feline with a tabby type ‘M’ on the forehead on what would have been Newton’s 22nd birthday.

#bogsafari – aside from this critter, there were a number of squirrels and tiny peepy birds flitting about.

#walkies #catspotting
#walkabout #catloversclub #calicocatsofinstagram #khemtrailz
#swampwalk https://instagr.am/p/CUpqppcA9bx/

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