October 12, 2021 at 05:35PM

Social isolation day 578 #swampwalk

Signs of life slowly turning from green to red, brown and orange. Also, Sisto and Harold, admiring the neighbor’s boneyard halloween decor.

#bogsafari critter counts today was pretty plentiful. Three bluejays, two cardinals, a few earbuzzing skeeters, a half dozen squirrels, a new cow kitty, a couple of wrens, a fair assortment of little peepy birds, and Panda the Jaywalking cat, crossing against the 4 way stop on the corner. I would prefer she stay camped out by the squirrel cam and hunt there over risking a car splat.

Weather is cooling again, mid 60s°F very humid, as it was misting, the rain had just stopped. Walking in the swamp was muddier than usual- my walking stick stabbed down an extra inch or so in the wetter areas.( I try to keep to harder packed ground.)

Took a longer route than usual, and was rewarded with the cow cat, about a third of a mile north, and she looked a lot like another neighborhood kitty from times past, Zorro. Maybe call her Zorrita?

Probably overextended myself today, back is giving me back now. A little heating pad or ice pack might fix that up tonight.

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