February 05, 2023 at 02:13PM

First spaghetti. Sorry honda element and ig88 legs! I thought it might be because I put multiple models on the same print plate but it was some sort of jam. Clearing out all of the Bowden tubes and the print head was a bit of a task, but everything seems to be printing out ok now.

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Bambu Lab, Please Help!

When there is an error message, if you hit stop print, there is no confirmation to make sure you really want to cancel your print!!!!

@BambuLab Carbon X1 Printer with AMS https://bit.ly/3HAKyFw

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Liked on YouTube: Remove the clog in extruder

Follow the instructions to resolve a clogged extruder on Bambu Lab 3D printers. This video is a part of the tutorials in the Bambu Lab Wiki. For more details, please check:

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Liked on YouTube: How to unjam filament in AMS unit of Bambu Lab X1 Carbon

So @BambuLab said that TPU will not work with their AMS unit as it will get jammed and stuck in it. I wanted to know if it was a hard no or just a suggestion. Spoiler, it’s a hard no for any soft TPU (Even 95A).
So here is a guide on how to unjam filament that gets stuck in the AMS unit. It’s thankfully not a difficult process but it can be kind of tedious.
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