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40+ eldritch filaments to sow chaos and shatter the mind.
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Alga by 3DPrintLife
Buzzed by 3D-Fuel
Pneumatique by Treed (unavailable)
Matte Pine by Protopasta (couldn’t find exact match?)
Laywoo-D3 Flex by Lay
Laywoo-D3 Meta5 by Lay
Matte Fiber HTPLA by Protopasta
CF-TPU by SmartMaterials
Glass Filled PLA by 3D-Fuel
Reflect-o-Lay by Lay
PA 4535 CF by Jabil
Easywood by Formfutura
Stonefil by Formfutura
LW-PLA by Colorfabb
LW-ASA by Colorfabb
VarioShore by Colorfabb
Ultrafuse 316L by BASF
UV Color Change PLA by Inland
TPG PLA by Fiberforce
Stellar PLA by Inland
Glitter Purple Glow PETG by ZiRui
SimuBone by 3DXTech
Coextruded PLA by Tecsonar
Blue Raspberry Quantum by Matterhackers
Ninjaflex by Ninjatech
Filaflex 70A by Recreus
Taulman 230 by Taulman
Cleaning filament by Esun
Cleaning filament by Inland
Growlay Brown by Lay
Layfelt by Lay
Layfomm-60 by Lay
Gel-Lay by Lay
SR-110 by Stratasys
Ionic by Matterhackers
Filament Splicer by Ideaformer
3D-Printable Filament by Turbo_SunShine
Wood Cork Glitter by Azurefilm
PC-PTFE by Nanovia
Trimmer Line by Harbor Freight

Beef filament video by 3D Printing Nerd –
THE MEAT courtesy of Repkord –
LW-PLA blog post by CNC Kitchen –

Cursed Benchies:
Ghost Ship Benchy by JDMac174 –
Benchymobile by ZachHanze –
Christmas Benchy by foambrick –
Benchy Ashtray by snappy374 –
Floating Benchy by vandragon_de –
Buff Benchy by Breakdansen –
Tank Benchy by Chriswk –
Benchy Rock by zzubnik –
Bunny Peep Benchy by fixumdude –
Smuggler Benchy by Mohawkmade –
Top Hat Benchy by bs_brsm –
Thomas the Benchy by OZVALD3D –
Pirate Benchy by Ramblin73 –
Cherry MX Benchy Keycap by PBX23 –
Benchy-prise by Scotty-G –
Benchyhcneb by MPKOTTOWA –
Dakota Benchy by ATXjerry –
Flex Benchy by leesherm –

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00:00-00:38 Intro
00:38-02:11 Algix Alga
02:11-04:04 Special Thanks
04:04-05:22 Buzzed
05:22-07:09 Pneumatique
07:09-08:18 Aromatic Pine HTPLA
08:18-09:27 Laywoo-D3 Flex
09:27-10:15 Laywoo-D3 Meta5
10:15-11:40 Matte Fiber HTPLA
11:40-13:27 CF-TPU
13:27-15:17 GF-PLA
15:17-16:33 Reflect-o-Lay
16:33-18:06 PA 4535 CF
18:06-19:08 Easywood Coconut
19:08-19:39 Stonefil
19:39-21:17 LW-PLA
21:17-22:21 LW-ASA
22:21-23:17 VarioShore
23:17-24:01 Metal Filaments
24:01-24:51 Prototype Copper PETG
26:58-27:51 UV Color Change PLA
27:51-29:58 Pantone TPG PLA
29:58-30:53 Stellar
30:53-31:31 Glitter Purple Glow PETG
31:31-32:37 SimuBone
32:37-34:10 Coextruded
34:10-35:54 Ninjaflex
35:54-36:44 Filaflex 70A
36:44-37:37 Taulman 230
37:37-39:45 HDPE
39:45-41:44 Growlay
41:44-42:47 Poro-lay
42:47-44:41 SR-110
44:41-45:51 Buttermilk
45:51-47:56 Filament Joiner
47:56-50:32 DIY Dual Color
50:32-51:10 Cork Glitter
51:10-52:20 PC-PTFE
52:20-54:18 Trimmer Line
54:18-59:06 Outro and Thanks

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