Liked on YouTube: Making A Mini Giant Battle Mech From Craft Foam

You ever had a dream? I know I have. It’s a simple one. To terrorize the entire world with a gigantic mechanized horror of my own design. Need the cash for that first tho so join me as i make a mini giant robot to satiate my bloodlust until my goals can be realized.

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Liked on YouTube: HOW TO Build a WAR BOT from Foam and Polymer Clay.

Today I am making a robot whose thirst for blood is only overshadowed by his greed. Yes, that is the sad truth about War Bots. So join me as I build an armature out of wire, flesh out his body with XPS foam, sculpt a head, hands, and feet out of Cosclay, wire up some explosive lighting, and talk about squirrels. Yes, squirrels.

If this sounds good to you then… let’s get our craft on!


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