May 05, 2023 at 03:37PM

First visitors to directly travel to the blue ridge cabin. Sisto and Harold welcome the EMD Hub set droid, Glyan EMD Operative, Deep Space BSG Agent Patcher and Gendrone Validator (along with a cute Purple Crayboth Stowaway)

Not shown – many tiny ducks adoring the crayboth.

Maybe they can act as anti-cultist shock troops.

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May 05, 2023 at 10:41AM

It’s been nearly a week since I stumbled upon the cultists’ hideout in the woods, and I thought I had managed to evade their grasp. But today, while I was out for a walk, I caught sight of a group of cloaked figures nearby, and a sense of dread settled over me like a thick fog. The cultists are still lurking, and their presence feels more ominous than ever.

I rushed back to my cabin, my heart pounding in my chest. Every snap of a twig, every whisper of a breeze seemed to carry with it the whisper of danger. I locked all the doors and windows, but the fear remains. I don’t know what the cultists want, but their fixation with me is chilling.

I try to keep a low profile, but the sense of being watched never leaves me. The slightest sound sets my nerves on edge, and I startle at my own shadow. The tension is beginning to take its toll on my mind.

I’ve thought about seeking help, but I’m not sure who I can trust. If the cultists are as powerful as they seem, they may have already infiltrated any authority figures I might turn to. For now, I am alone with my fear and my thoughts, waiting for the inevitable moment when the cultists close in on me.

I know I need to come up with a plan, but every moment feels like a race against time. The cultists’ presence grows stronger with each passing day, their shadowy influence lurking at the edges of my consciousness. I am trapped in a nightmare of my own making, and I fear that soon there will be no escape.

In lighter news, Amy will be visiting tomorrow!

#cultofscottobear #roanokeva #hoodedfigures

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Liked on YouTube: Sci-Fi Locker Part 2 Tutorial Interior using SPOCK Structured Sci-Fi Packer for Blender

A detailed tutorial on how to use the SPOCK addon for Blender to achieve hyperdetailed results.

SPOCK is a structured greeble packing and generation tool. It uses advanced algorithms to efficiently and eloquently pack different objects from distinct collections onto a face or selected faces. It is our top of the line tool for quickly generating amazing hyperdetailed props and scene elements. It is simple to use and very powerful– and all at the same time. Incredible detail can be created with the click of a button as shown in the video.

Learn more about SPOCK at
DPACK catalog:




CYBERDECKS KPACKS at Blender Market:



EEVEE+Cycles Materials System







Sci-Fi in a Box by GREEZYBEAR

Perspective Plotter by Mark Kingsnorth

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Introducing SPOCK
00:20 Compare SPOCK, FLEX and SYNTH
00:54 DPACK explained
01:03 SYNTH and KIT OPS
01:06 SPOCK
01:24 Algorithms
01:30 Uses instances
01:47 Uses DPACKS
01:52 Easy to use
01:57 The primary differentiators
02:03 Better control than FLEX
02:14 Layered Workflow
02:20 Tools
02:25 SCIFI DPACK included
02:33 KPACK of materials and INSERTS
02:54 Features
02:57 Algorithms
03:02 DPACK browser
03:06 SciFi DPACK
03:15 Materials included
03:21 Optimized workflow
03:34 Checks for updates
03:37 DPACKS can be stored anywhere
03:41 Max instances setting
03:47 Documentation and support
03:52 3rd party DPACKS
04:36 SPOCK Demo

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Creating the faces for SPOCK
06:38 Intro to SPOCK
07:12 Loading DPACKS
07:24 DPACKS explained
08:50 SPOCK Algorithms
09:24 Collection Sets
10:12 Packing with an underlay
11:13 Saved collection sets
12:01 Adding Dots (lights)
13:38 Packing the entire mesh at once
14:06 Adding side panels
16:57 Packing corner panels
17:48 Render preview
18:03 Packing the floor
20:18 Packing the back panels
22:39 Add a light
23:26 Packing Displays and Controls
26:10 Packing tiny details
27:07 Changing display graphics

Liked on YouTube: Life is a Stage -DIORAMA

Welcome to the theatre of life! Is it a bummer or a blessing? Hmmm…
Today I’m going to build a diorama of a stage play where our main character has some choices to make. I will be constructing the plank flooring and curtains, sculpting the character, building a little rowboat, carving some paddles, sculpting some tiny mushrooms, and creating a backdrop with oil paint. I will also be adding a lot of LED lighting and also some fiber optics!

If this sounds good to you then… let’s get our craft on.




The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS):