Liked on YouTube: MyHouse.WAD – Inside Doom’s Most Terrifying Mod

A map uploaded by an unknown user, with secrets hidden deep inside its walls…

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:06 i – Expedition 1
00:19:17 ii – Intermission
00:24:55 iii – Expedition 2
00:44:37 iv – Expedition 3
00:56:05 v? _____________
01:03:46 v – Expedition 4
01:30:21 vi – Conclusion
01:39:25 Credits and Q/A
01:41:57 The Truth Behind The Mystery


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my house / in the middle of my doom / my house…

Liked on YouTube: Trump, CNN, and the Existential Threat of Pigeon Chess

Why is it still so hard for some people to accept that platforming Donald Trump is a bad idea?

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