Doodle journal June 25 2023

Relaxing after a long day

Today was a day of transition and transformation. I left behind the familiar and embraced the unknown. I moved into a house with @maximillian_deersteak , and with the help of the inlaws we finally unpacked the uhaul truck that carried our memories and belongings. It was a strenuous and joyful task, a ritual of settling and belonging. I felt a surge of anticipation and gratitude for this new chapter in our lives.

After we deposited our things in the house, I drove the car to the car wash and gave it a thorough clean. It had accumulated layers of dust and grime from the journey, but now it sparkles and gleamed under the sun.

For dinner, we ordered some Chinese food from szechuan. I had fried rice and sesame tofu, and it was tasty.

Now we’re watching Flamin’ Hot on TV. It’s a documentary about the remarkable life of the man who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and how he rose from humble beginnings to wealth and fame. It’s more than a little cornball, but fun to watch with the gang.

I’m filled with happiness and appreciation for today. We accomplished much and I indulged myself, and that feels great.

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