Dec 18 2023

Day 20,042

Ran all manner of errands today, and caught a few little of flurries of snowflakes falling here and there, some sticking long enough to highlight the ground and parked vehicles for at least a moment or two.

I came home from my mission to find that the tannenbaum had only half a manger-egg ornament hanging from it… the bottom half of the egg on the floor, and the tiny plastic Christ child being carried by his swaddling clothes in the jaws of a particularly pleased Pearl.

I recovered Jesus from his kidnapper, and Larry was kind enough to repair the ornament, and place it on the tree in a more safe location.

This evening we close with dinner, an episode of The Gilded Age, and a little Newheart.

#doodle #snow #weather #roanokeva #ufo #cryptid

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