December 4, 2023 monday

Earth time – 20,028 Days in. Put in mostly work during the day today, more time at recycling, or making some phone calls, picking up groceries and etc. A typical Monday.

Mind wandered a little while driving, but otherwise I stayed on task. Might be due another Greenway walk tomorrow if I can wrangle it. Back was tricking up pretty heavily yesterday, better today, but not perfect.

Trimmed the beard back to the O beard, but it will be back to full Santa by Yuletide.

Current garb, a red t-shirt and denim blue dungarees. (When I was outside, I added black / orange socks, white sneakers, black/orange knit hat and grey zip up fleece.

Today, the lefthand sun was stronger than the one on the right. Iykyk.

#dreamaway #doodle #imaginarystatue #dec042023 #blueridgemountains #appalachia #roanokeva

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