Day 20,203

Resting up and enjoying the day off after Max and the family hung some of our art from the old house in the new house. The red room, living room, dining room, and bathrooms look even more like home now.

Watching Paddington with the in-laws and @maximillian_deersteak , going to grill some veggie dogs later, and then maybe watch paddington 2?

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Fed the first panel into a program to describe it in text, then fed that description into 3 different self-policing (only donated images) version of huggingface, which gave some of the following translations. Pretty interesting results. Note the name archie on the first produced image, even thought she looks nothing like an archie comic, and the androgynous 3rd and 4th images, but they include the blue hat.

May 22 2024 – day 20,198

Day 20,198

The in-laws are back in town, and that means I want the Black Pearl ⚫️ to be clean and tidy for tour bus duty. She got a bath and a vacuum, as did I.

The leg brace needs some adjustment. I can’t get it on properly, even with the help of my sweet mermaid spouse, so I need to investigate other options.

The last of our old house belongings are now in the garage of the new place. Time to put more art on the walls and unpack more! Going to replace the old games cabinet in the living room with the red wardrobe!

I hope you are doing well, dear doodle journal.

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Day 20,194

Captain Cayyyyve-mahhhhn!

Just a couple of zombie cavemen to represent the FIL and me working with primitive tools to make sounds from the magic box.

I was a little unsuccessful with my brace yesterday, and I am going to renew my efforts tomorrow. I’m just going to take it a bit easier today.

Anyway, I’ve got the surround sound set up on the new TV and ancient amp. There are a few bugs to be worked out yet, but it’s as good as it can get without an optical cable or a system that supports eARC.

Next time, I’m going to take the system down from the fireplace and work on it at the kitchen table or in my workshop because bending and reaching have done a number on my back.

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