Liked on YouTube: Doritos – Nunca Es Tarde Para Ser Quien Eres (English subs, Mexico, 2021)

“It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Are” (SWITCH ON CC FOR SUBS)

Following their groundbreaking 2020 commercial “The best gift”, which went viral telling a real life story about a dad coming to terms with his gay son, Doritos Mexico released another viral video for “Day of the Dead” in 2021. Doritos fulfills their promise of #PrideAllYear.

A remarkable, animated story about a family visiting the graveyard – which is customary for Día de Muertos, Nov 2 – who see the ghost of Uncle Alberto and his afterlife lover Mario garnered some 3 million views in a week. There was a whole bunch of commotion from both LGBT+ and bigots, as well as people who think marketing and communication should always be about the product itself.

The Advocate: “While some have praised the commercial for connecting queer identities to cultural traditions, others have commented that there is a mixed message of only being one’s true, queer self in death.”

Doritos Mexico responded by stating the commercial is part of its #ProudAllYear platform, which celebrates and promotes respect and support for diversity: “In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a celebration of life. It’s a moment to share our respect, love, and unity for all the people we cherish, even if they are gone,” the representative explained. “And it’s an opportunity for Doritos Mexico to celebrate love and our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community every day. With the commercial ‘It’s never late to be who you are,’ we want to say that it’s never too late to share your true self, and when you are ready, we will support you.”

Watch The Best Gift with English subs here:
At the same time, bigots were fuming about the Twix commercial “The New Nanny”:

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