November 05, 2021 at 12:11AM

Social isolation day 600
Wednesday, November 3, 1045am

Walkies was pretty good, albeit brisk. Reposting on Thursday because yesterday didn’t want to synchronize for some reason.

#bogsafari critter count is one groundhog with leaves in its mouth, *two* eagles screaming like crazy, a small boatload of cardinals of assorted ages and colors. Also spotted Zorrita, Khemtrailz and Panda sprinting around. Apparently, all the critters like coming outside at or about 10am.

Weather was mid 40s, and a brisk walk was good for my pikmin bloom preview. I will probably enjoy playing it for a month or two, but not sure if it will hold interest into the new year.

I noticed #sisto ( #sistobrak l is losing paint on the back of his head… I suspect that is because he got laundered in my dungarees a couple of days ago. I’m just happy neither he nor #harold lost any limbs or accessory parts through the ordeal. They are both exceedingly clean now, too.

Dropped my phone, looks like sd card read and write no longer works? May be time to swap this galaxy note 8 for a replacement or upgrade.

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