Liked on YouTube: MIDJOURNEY – How To Create a Complete Graphic Novel in ONE Day

Midjourney is a pretty incredible AI tool for creating images you can use to create your own graphic novel in less than 24 hours.

Check out the time stamps to see a timelapse of each step and my tips on the process.

0:00 An Idiot Talks About Making a Book
2:53 Step 1 Midjourney Renders
4:04 Step 2 Script Generation via Inferkit
5:47 Step 3 Layout The Panels in Comic Life 3
13:21 Step 4 Design A Cover and Publish
16:02 An Idiot Shares His Recap

Using artificial intelligence to create full comic books isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. This video lays out a high level walkthrough of how I can create a full graphic novel in a single day using AI (Midjourney and Inferkit) along with Comic Life and Affinity Designer.

Outside of Midjourney I also use these apps/sites but you could do the same thing in GIMP or any other free design software.


Comic Life 3

Affinity Suite

Liked on YouTube: Stable Diffusion for Dummies – How to Install and Use Text to Image Art Generation AI – 100% Free

If you are running into an issue that mentions git or missing modules/packages, it is a very simple fix:

Step-by-step tutorial walk through of installation and use of Stable Diffusion Art Generation AI model.

Link to code on GitHub:
Link to Public Release:
Model Weights on Hugging Face:

Thumbnail background image generated by Stable Diffusion.

Liked on YouTube: Upsize Your MidJourney or Dalle-2 AI Artwork Resolution for FREE!

There is a fantastic method to not only upsize your AI art from MidJourney, Dalle-2, or Stable Diffusion, but it can also maintain or even add to the details while making the image larger! All of this can be done for free using a specific GAN model (generative adversarial networks) that has been trained on exactly what your images should look like and how to even improve upon them.

Do a shot every time I say “fantastic” as the bonus game. 🙂

Here is the link to the GAN models I have used in this video. Select the one that works best with the image you want to upsize.

This person does not exist:

The tool I am using is ChaiNNer, and you can download that from this GitHub site:

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