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We’ve all seen questionable fictionalized science in film- but how do scientists interact with fictional interpretations of their real work? The Corpse Review- aka Evan Bird, MA in human skeletal biology and forensic scientist with an area Medical Examiner’s office will talk us through his real work and how it inspired him to begin reviewing fictional corpses on Instagram via his account @thecorpsereview.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This video contains images of human remains and is not suitable for children or people sensitive to such material.

The Corpse Review:
Bride of the Corpse Review:

About the Speaker: Evan Bird, MA, is a forensic scientist, science educator, and Diplomate of the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators. An expert in postmortem identification and skeletal anatomy, his career and love of the horror genre led to the creation of The Corpse Review where the fake decedents in movies and television are analyzed and humorously criticized through the lens of decomposition research. An enthusiast of any movie scenes with unnatural green lighting, he spends his free time re-watching Creepshow and rescuing wayward rabbits

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