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Tashirojima Island is a small island located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Since ancient times, cats have been taken care of, and it is called “Cat Island” because there are more cats than residents on the island. You can meet a lot of cats while walking. Perhaps because they were raised with the love of many people, they are very friendly and kind. “The coexistence of humans and cats” is the culture of Tashirojima. The charm of this island is that cats and humans live freely. Humans can’t decide what makes a cat happy, but I hope cats can live peacefully.

📷 4:05 Photo by チョコスケ🍫(Twitter: @chokosuke7)

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🚶‍♀️How to get to Tashiro island.
About 40 minutes by boarding the Ajishima Line Ferry at the Ishinomaki Ferry Terminal.

⌛️Time Stamp
0:00 Opening
0:12 Sendai Station
0:26 From Sendai Station to Ishinomaki Station
1:06 From Ishinomaki Station to the ferry terminal
1:50 Taking the ferry to Tashiro Island
5:02 Arrive at Tashiro Island!
5:41 What is Tashiro island?
6:06 Tashiro island rules
6:44 The cats gathering near a restaurant
7:08 Why are there so many cats on Tashirojima?
7:43 Damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
8:24 The cute cat lying on the road
8:54 The cat of Tashirojima is “communally owned cat”
9:46 Cat’s hangout
11:08 Manga Island
12:26 Cat’s hangout
12:38 The cats and people coexist on Tashiro Island
13:35 The cute cat lying on a beautiful road
13:57 The angelic cat walking towards us
15:16 The cafe
17:29 The adorable cat on my lap
18:00 Best massage for the black cat
18:26 Cat’s meal time
21:09 Lunch
22:20 Heading to the cat shrine
22:40 Cat Shrine
23:29 Watch out for ferry times
23:58 The cute cat brothers looking at the sea
25:11 Daily life on Tashiro island
25:30 Fox village is also recommended
26:09 Ending

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