Liked on YouTube: RG35XX Hands-On, A New Low-Cost Retro Handheld Can It Edge The Rest?

In this video, we take look at the new ANBERNIC RG35XX low-cost retro emulation handheld Is it worth buying the Miyoo mini? Let’s find out, With a 3.5-inch IPS display, A quad-core CPU, and a 2100Mah battery this is turning out to be a great little handheld for on-the-go retro gaming.

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Elgato HD60 X Screen Capture Device:
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Raspberry Pi 4:
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Liked on YouTube: Sam Does Arts Missed the Mark! The TRUTH About Stable Diffusion & AI Art!

In his recent video, YouTuber Sam Does Arts argued that the current AI art models like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney are a threat to human artists and that the dataset that was used to train these ai models were obtained illegally and thus recreating a new dataset without these copyrighted images will make everything better…which of course is not the case…
In this video, I’ll be setting the record straight and debunking the arguments used by Sam to justify some artists disdain of Ai art.
So if you’re interested in learning the truth about AI art and why it’s not the threat that Sam Does Arts makes it out to be, make sure to give this video a watch.

What do you think about this whole situation? Let me know in the comments!
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My Previous Video about Ai Art:

Sam Does Arts Video:

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Future ref travel routers VPN/ adblock

GL.iNet GL-MT1300 (Beryl) VPN Wireless Little Travel Router – Connect to Hotel WiFi & Captive Portal, USB 3.0, 3 Gigabit Ports, Range Extender, Assess Point, Pocket-Sized, MicroSD Slot, Easy to Setup

Adblock –

Ad blocking

Network-wide ad blocking may be desired for content filtering to reduce ads, reduce bandwidth usage, reduce tracking and increase privacy. This can be accomplished with OpenWrt by installing one of the options below:

  1. Adblock: install packages adblock + luci-app-adblock. The latest Adblock documentation is found here: README or via the forum thread.
  2. Simple-Adblock: install packages simple-adblock + luci-app-simple-adblock. The latest Simple Adblock documentation is found here: README or via the forum thread.
  3. AdGuard Home: install package adguardhome. The intitial setup is more complex and not managed through LuCI, so if you choose this read the documentation carefully.
  4. Banhostlist: install package banhostlist. However, this project has not been updated since 2015.

This forum post (from 2017) gives a short comparison between Adblock and Simple Adblock. Summarized, it says that Adblock is more powerful and might receive additional features in the future while Simple Adblock aims to be easier to use and more performant.

These can be installed on the LuCI web interface, or via terminal with SSH. The example below is for Adblock.
Once installed, Adblock can be configured via Services → Adblock. Simple-Adblock can be configured via Services → Simple-Adblock.

# Install packages
opkg update
opkg install adblock
# Provide web interface
opkg install luci-app-adblock
# Backup the blocklists
uci set"/etc/adblock"
# Save and apply
uci commit adblock
/etc/init.d/adblock restart