January 06, 2023 at 10:25AM

Assortment of Pearl enjoying her time in VA the last couple of days (and today)

We decided to give in and got touchless delivery the last couple of days. First restaurant food since Covid started, a 1026 day streak broken! My eats: First night was a veggie calzone from Gusto’s , sesame tofu from Szechuan and then cheese pizza and onion rings from Frank’s.

It was all really tasty, but I wasn’t as euphoric as I thought I might be. No complaints though, glad we feel safe about having other folks make us food on occasion again.

We would have had Gusto’s again on night 3, but they were slammed and I got tired after waiting on hold for 10 minutes. (We knew delivery would take an hour, and we were all starving already) Frank’s did a bang up job and MIL prefers the pizza there anyhow.

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