January 19, 2023 at 02:23PM

Social isolation day 1042

The stump acts as a lovely shelter for some sort of critter.

As I step out into the overcast morning, the sky hangs low like a heavy blanket, muffling the world in a soft gray light. The air is thick with moisture, and the trees stand tall and still, as if holding their breath. I set out on my journey, the road before me winding its way down towards the swamp. The earth beneath my feet is spongy, the grasses and ferns brushing against my legs. The faint sound of water lapping at the shoreline grows louder as I approach, and I am enveloped by the wild and primeval beauty of this place. The hike ahead promises to be a test of endurance, but I am eager for the challenge, for the chance to lose myself in the wilderness and commune with nature.

I traverse the mossy path, the sky casting a dreary light on the landscape, my eyes are drawn to the flitting movement at the edge of my vision. Three squirrels, their fur sleek and glossy, dart up and down the mostly leafless trees, their chatter filling the air. The sound of their playful antics is a welcome distraction from the dampness and stillness of the swamp. The walk is not without surprises, as I catch glimpses of two cats through the windows of a nearby home, their eyes following me curiously. The cats, unlike the squirrels, are still, and it feels as though time has stood still for them. The trees that surround me stand tall and bare, their twisted branches reaching skyward as if in supplication. It is a scene of quiet contemplation, and I am grateful for the opportunity to witness it.

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